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Helping you make the most of your data


Providing data interpretation and information solutions that work across all aspects of your business. Making your data work for you.

Services we can provide include;

  • Data Analysis
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Customer Profiling
  • Area Intelligence
  • Infographic Creation for data, systems, and processes
  • Training on infographic creation and data collection
  • Mapping
  • Data Interface Consultation

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 Data flow in your organisation  – how we can help?

Collectors – Working with frontline users to increase understanding of how the information they collect is used by the business. Creating simple data collection processes that enable accurate and quick data collection that fit in with working practices and enable the focus to remain on clients.
Processors – Supporting communication between clients of data analysts. Creating products to ease data collection and facilitate analysis. Providing resources and training for analysts to create infographics and data visualisations. Combining customer data with demographic information to create user profiles to target resource allocation.
Decision Makers – Providing comprehensive analysis and evaluation in several formats for management and public forums. Professional data visualisation for organisational management. Creating knowledge for evidence and evaluation purposes

Meet the people

Felicity Roberts

Information Interpreter and  Data Advocate

I love spreadsheets, charts, graphs, maps, infographics, and data visualisation. I’m passionate about data in all its forms, for all its audiences. Data nerd meets graphic artist. Helping people to understand data better and find the data you didn’t know was data.

Skills using Microsoft Office (especially Excel), Photoshop, Illustrator, Instant Atlas, SPSS, MapInfo, and much more

Working in several industries including the public sector for over 9 years has made me enthusiastic about using data to illuminate working practices and outcomes. I am devoted to making data approachable and practical for people who “don’t do data”