What Services Do We Offer?


Need to help people see the data?
Do you need a graphic to illustrate some complex analysis or process? 

We are able to fulfil your requirements.

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Infographics are the perfect combination of data analysis and artistic presentation.

You need logic and accurate working alongside creativity to provide an understandable story, representing the narrative of the data.

You may have a brilliant graphic designer but do they understand the data enough? Your data analysts may be amazing with figures but do they have the creative flair and confidence to create an attractive, professional graphic? We do!

Data Analysis

Do you need assistance with your data? We can help you collect, sort and process information from your business. Creating insight to enable better business decisions in the future.

Make your data work for you.

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We work with many types of organisation and can tailor our our offer to get the best fit for you.

Small and Medium Organisations

Providing business intelligence through data analysis, customer profiling and performance indicator setting. Creating visualisation templates and bespoke infographics to help stakeholders engage with the data story.

Charities and Community Interest Companies

Advising on data collection and evaluation statistics for projects. Providing community and customer profiles to add knowledge to funding applications. Presenting data to engage stakeholders.


Providing bespoke data services. We work with a wide range of consultants as associates, delivering analysis and presentation expertise.


Large and Medium Organisations

Providing slick professional infographic images, presenting information for annual reports, investment presentations and management meetings. Translating data into accessible and attractive formats.

Marketing companies

Creating graphics that add that extra zing to campaigns, telling that data story with infographics and comprehensive data visualisations. Working with agencies to deliver client projects.

Graphic Designers

Training designers on the art of data visualisation, demystifying the world of data. Helping to bridge the gap between information with graphics and infographics.