Infographics are the perfect combination of data analysis and artistic presentation.

You need logic and accurate working alongside creativity to provide an understandable story, representing the narrative of the data.

I produce a range of infographic products:

  • Bespoke graphics, tailor made to show your data’s story. Perfect for adding to funding bids, executive or public reports or company literature
  • Graphic templates that can be used repeatedly using an easy interface to add more up to date information
  • Training and workshops, outlining the basics of infographics production

What types of graphics do we produce?

We create many types of infographics and data representations. The information does not have to be numbers based, although that is our speciality. In general we are just passionate about letting people see information. Recently we have worked on…

Indicator Suites / Dashboards, Data Story Visualisations, Timelines / Flowcharts, System Representations, Concept Illustrations, Budget Bubble Charts and Wordles.

Help stakeholders see the financial position by demonstrating what it actually looks like
Assist the progression of a project by having a clear, engaging plan for people to follow
Highlight a particular point with context and easily associated themes
Illustrate complex systems with easily understood, comprehensive graphics.
Get people to “see” the point
Show complex flows to help engage all stakeholders, letting them see the bigger picture
Present whole data suites in a coordinated way, allowing the data to tell a story
Excellent graphic tool to highlight a particular point or engage your audience with the themes of a piece of work

Why should you use infographics? 

  • Our brains are quicker to gain information from a picture than from text that is showing the same thing
  • A clear data visualisation can help people understand and care about the information.
  • An image is universal, it doesn’t need translating.
  • “A picture paints a thousand words” ,to try and describe an image often takes paragraphs of text.
  • Images generate more “likes” and “shares” than text.

This entry of my blog spells out, in more detail, the reasons I think infographics are invaluable.